Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watch Naruto Shippuuden 167 English

Watch Naruto Shippuden 167 English Subs Full
Watch Naruto Shippuuden 167 English. Watch Naruto Shippuden 167 english subs entitle Chibaku Tensei or Planetary Devastation. Naruto enters his Four-Tailed form and attacks Pain, who manages to repel his attacks. Angered even further, Naruto continues his transformation into a Six-Tailed form. Pain decides to fall back and activate his Chibaku Tensei technique, creating a miniature moon in the sky formed from the earth, which traps Naruto inside. However, Naruto breaks free of it, now in an Eight-Tailed form. Consumed in hate, Naruto prepares to completely let the fox free, but the Fourth Hokage appears and stops him.

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