Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spyware Doctor - Free Spyware Removal

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Spyware Doctor spyware removal software has been downloaded over 125 million times with millions more downloads every week. People worldwide use and trust Spyware Doctor to protect their PCs from spyware, adware and other online threats.

Spyware Doctor - Free Spyware Removal, Free Anti Spyware

Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. In addition, after leading the market with our free spyware removal scan in 2005, Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005 and again in 2006.

Spyware Doctor continues to be awarded the highest honors by many of the world's leading PC publications such as PC World, PC Magazine, PC Pro, PC Plus, PC Authority, PC Utilities, PC Advisor, PC Choice, Microdatorn, Computer Bild and PC Answers Magazine.

Note: If you are choosing Anti-Spyware make sure you choose one that is proven and has genuine awards from one or more world leading research labs such a PC Magazine, PC World, CNET, PC Pro Magazine, PC Authority, PC Answers and other trusted labs. More importantly do not use ratings from unknown spyware removal software review websites, as often these are designed to mislead you into purchase of affiliated, inferior or rogue product.

Spyware Removal, Detection, and Blocking

Did you know that numerous free spyware removal programs tested against Spyware Doctor detected only small fraction of Spyware and completely removed an even smaller amount? Also most of them were unable to effectively block Spyware in real time from being installed on users PC in the first place.

Spyware Doctor has the most advanced update feature that continually improves its Anti Spyware capabilities on daily basis. As Spyware gets more complex to avoid detection by AntiSpyware programs Spyware Doctor responds with new technology to stay one step ahead.

Spyware Doctor Full Version Information

Current Version:
File Size: 33,817 KB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows Vista SP1+ (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP SP2+ (32bit)
Release Date: October 15, 2009
Protection Against: Spyware, Adware, Spyware Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, Popups and Bad Websites.
Add-ons: Optional plug-ins are available for Spyware Doctor including Site Guard, Email Guard and Behavior Guard
Trial Limitations: The trial offers time unlimited real-time protection (free spyware blocking), but does not remove threats detected during on-demand scans, updates may also differ to those supplied to registered users.

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Update Cumul Kav 7 | 27 dec - 31 dec 2009

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Update Cumul Kav 7 | 27 dec - 31 dec 2009

Update on 27 Dec 2009 02:53:21 84002604 av-i386&
Update on 31 Dec 2009 19:54:17 2865919 av-i386&
Update on 27 Dec 2009 02:53:21 3159100 av-i386&
Update on 27 Dec 2009 02:53:24 83131506
Update on 31 Dec 2009 19:54:17 1994823
Update on 27 Dec 2009 02:53:24 2288093
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Download Film Avatar (2009)

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update December 20, 2009

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Sets of threat signatures and databases of network attacks. This is a special update application to install the latest virus databases and various fixes to AntiViral Toolkit Pro for Windows 95/98/NT version 3.0.129 and above.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update December 20, 2009
Use this if you already have AntiViral Toolkit Pro installed.

The antivirus databases currently contain 2338308 records.

If your Kaspersky installed application does not contain the protection module against network attacks, feel free to use mirrors 2, 4 and 6 to download 'light' versions of the update signatures.

It is essential to update antivirus databases on a regular basis. If you do not do this, your antivirus program will not detect new malicious programs. This is why we release updates every hour, to ensure that users are protected against the latest malware.
Mbah Gendeng
Antivirus solutions from Kaspersky Lab not only detect malicious software, but other programs which are potentially harmful, such as:
  • Adware
  • Remote administration programs
  • Utilities which can be used by malicious programs or users
Zip-archives should be unpacked into a separate directory, which should then be indicated in the automatic update module as a local folder.

Daily - contains all updates and modifications released during the current week. The current week starts from the previous Friday, when the last weekly update was released. It is placed on the update server every hour. You should download if you update your antivirus databases at least once a week.

Previous week's updates - contains all updates and modifications released during the previous week (a full version of the week's It is placed on the server once a week, on Friday. When this file is placed on the server, it will cause the size of to be equal to zero. You should download this file if you update your antivirus databases less than once a week, but more often than once every two weeks.

Complete update - contains all the updates and modifications released at the time of the previous week's update. This is placed on the sever at the same time as the new You should download this file if you have not updated your antivirus databases in the last two weeks.
Free Download
NOTE: After the archives have been downloaded, unpack them to a separate folder on a disc. If you have downloaded several archives, unpack them in the following order: first unpack, then - and the last - Unpacking, click Yes when you are suggested to replace files with the same name.

After the archives have been unpacked, launch automatic update of the anti-virus database. As an update source define folder with the unpacked archives in the anti-virus database update task.

Download Link
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Winamp Pro 5.57 Build 2792 Multilingual

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Winamp Pro 5.57 Build 2792 Multilingual | 14.57 MbWinamp Pro 5.57 Build 2792 Multilingual | 14.57 Mb
Nullsoft Winamp Pro is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI, ASF, MPEG, NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

Download Winamp Pro 5.57 Build 2792 Multilingual
Mirror Download

Winamp Highlights:
• New portable device features - transcoding, new sync options, USB thumbdrive player support, video sync, direct-from-device playback
• Faster ripping
• Improved AAC and aacPlus encoding
• Unicode metadata, filename, and title support
iTunes-compatible gapless playback (MP3/M4A) and encoding (M4A)
• Optional 24bit playback
• ReplayGain support

Winamp Player Features:
• Plays Music and Video Files (aacPlus, MP3, AAC, WMA and more!)
• Compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins
• Full Support for Classic and Modern Skins
• Plays Videos (NSV, WMV, and more!)
• Powerful Media Library
• Browse SHOUTcast Radio & TV Stations
• Browse Winamp Music Videos & Songs
• Integrated AOL Video Content (News, Sports, Movies & more)
• AOL Radio Featuring XM
• SHOUTcast Wire (podcast directory)
• Predixis MusicMagic (dynamic playlisting)
• Bundled Visualizations
• Burn CDs (Limited to 2x - 48x in Pro!)
• Rips CDs (Limited to 8x aacPlus, AAC, WMA - Unlimited aacPlus, AAC, WMA and MP3 in Pro!)
• 50 free mp3s from Emusic
• Includes Winner of the Internet
• Surround Music Project!
• Includes an MP3 of 'Mercy Me' by Alkaline Trio
• Rip/Encode music into aacPlus, AAC, WMA, or MP3!
• Burn CDs up to 48x!

As always Winamp also features:
• Now Playing: Discover Artist Songs, Videos, Radio and Photos
• iPod Support: Play and manage music on your iPod
• AOL Radio Online Service Powered by CBS Radio
• Album Art: Retrieve and view Album Art
• Expanded Flash video support
• Auto-Tag: Automatically update your song information
• Media Monitor: Playing the music web just got even better
• Remote Media: Access your media remotely
• Thousands of skins and plug-ins to make Winamp even better
• Free videos, radio stations, MP3 downloads and more

Revised - Build 2792 (17th Dec 2009)

Changes since build 2789 (16th Dec 2009):
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with Win7 Taskbar (gen_win7shell.dll) plugin (added an exception, so plugin will now work)
- Fixed: Potential crash in elevatorps.dll (on Win7/Vista)
- Fixed: [in_mod.dll] Some .mod & .xm files not playing correctly
- Fixed: [mp4v.w5s] Memory leak
- Improved: Further VU meter (beat vis) optimizations (added a one pole IIR filter to make it less jittery)
- Improved: [h264] Some more optimizations
- Misc: Russian & Romanian installer updates (main international builds)
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Eve Crisis 1.00

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Size: 12.49MB
Release Date: 2009-12-03
Submit Date: 2009-12-05
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7Christmas Eve Crisis 1.00

It´s Christmas Eve.

Everyone is sound asleep, while up in the North Pole, Santa Claus is getting ready for his deliveries. Christmas presents destined for children around the world lie safely in his sack, and his sleigh has been equipped with the latest time-saving technology.

But this year, things will not go as smoothly as planned. A sleigh accident will scatter thousands of presents over the landscape, forcing Santa into a race against time to gather and deliver them in time for Christmas morning.

Sunrise is quickly coming... Help Santa make his deliveries and give children everywhere a Christmas they´ll never forget!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Video Accelerator for YouTube

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Free Video Accelerator for YouTube
You've seen the video on video sites like YouTube or others? The most boring thing in watching a video in the waiting intyernet is loading the video data. So that you do not feel bored to wait for a video can be seen, maybe you need assistance software called Speedbit Video Accelerator. With Speedbit Video Accelerator loading video data you see will be faster than usual. Speedbit Video Accelerator will automatically work when you watch a video on the internet.

Speedbit Video Accelerator is not just for the Youtube site alone, but also support for video sites such as Yahoo Video, Smin, AOL Video, Facebook, Metacafe, Veoh, ABC, Adobe, Ameba Vision, Bebo, Bofunk, Break, CANAL +, CAtPost, Cbs2/KCAL9, Cbs4, clipfish, CNN, Crackie, Dag, Dance Jam, Discovery Channel, DropShots, EA Sports, eFootage, ESPN, Expo TV, FHM, Flurl, FOX NEWS, FunnyJunk, GameArena, GameTrailers, Glam, graspr , Guzer, hi5, Ina, JibJaB, KeyeTV, libero Video, LiveVideo, MojoFlix, KoVideo, MyVideo, Netlog, Nothing Toxic, Pandora TV, Pomoho, Red Balcony, Revision3, Rocketboom, Rutube, Sharkle, Sky News, Stickam, Submarinechannel, Tagged, The Onion, The Weather Channel, Tudou, VBS. TV, videa, Video Web Town, VideoLog, Vidiac, Vidking, Vimeo, vodpod, vume, WannaHaves, WBZ-TV, WFRV-TV, Your Daily Media, Youtube, AOL UncutVideo, Dailymotion, iTunes, Myspace, 56, ABC News, etc.
AMP Video Converter is a freeware or free software that can convert video file formats MPEG, MPG, DAT, WMV, WMA, ASF, RM, RMVB, RAM, MOV, QT, AVI video formats into AMP
Hidup Untuk Lifestyle On The NetNgobrol Seputarbisnis online

Download Speedbit Video Accelerator
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Free AMV Video Converter

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As you all know, the file format of a very wide range of video, there is MPEG, MPG, DAT, WMV, WMA, ASF, RM, RMVB, RAM, MOV, QT, AVI, AMP and so forth. Many outstanding video player market can only AMP-format video playback, if you have a player who is one of them will not be able to playback video in addition to AMP. Therefore, you need a software that can convert from other video files to file AMP. Perhaps your choice will fall on the software called AMP Video Converter.

AMP Video Converter is a freeware or free software that can convert video file formats MPEG, MPG, DAT, WMV, WMA, ASF, RM, RMVB, RAM, MOV, QT, AVI video formats into AMP. Download AMP Video Converter
Hidup Untuk Lifestyle On The NetNgobrol Seputarbisnis online

Free AMV Video Converter
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Portable Ashampoo Photo Commander v7.30

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Portable Blumentals WeBuilder 2010 v10.1.0.119

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Portable Blumentals WeBuilder 2010 v10.1.0.119 * Size : 8,18 Mb
* Download free
* Homepage
* Password : No password
* Language : English
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Portable Artisteer Standard Edition v2.2.0.17981

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Download Portable Artisteer
Web Design Software
Portable Artisteer Standard Edition v2.2.0.17981
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

avast! 4 Home Edition 4.8.1368

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Download Avast 4 Home Edition
Size : 39.90MBavast! 4 Home Edition 4.8.1368view Website
Release Date : 2009-11-27
Submit Date : 2009-11-27
OS : Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

American Pie The Book of Love (2009)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Download Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 Full Version

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 – The backbone of your PC’s security system, offering protection from a range of IT threats. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 provides the basic tools needed to protect your PC. This easy-to-use solution provides complete antivirus protection that keeps you safe while your are online.

Features :
Kaspersky Anti Virus 8.0 – is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.
Our products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free and quality protection against viruses, worms and other malicious programs, as well as hacker attacks, spam and spyware.

During product preparation several competitor offerings were considered and analyzed - firewalls, security suites systems, which position themselves as proactive in defence and HIPS systems. Combination of in-hosue innovative developments and results from analysis gathered through the industry allowed to jump onto a new level of protection for personal users, whereby offering even more hardened and less annoying computer protection from all types of electronic threats – malicious programs of different types, hacker attacks, spam mailings, program-root kits, phishing emails, advertisement popup windows etc.

Essential Protection
  • Protects from viruses, Trojans and worms
  • Blocks spyware and adware
  • Scans files in real time (on access) and on demand
  • Scans email messages (regardless of email client)
  • Scans Internet traffic (regardless of browser)
  • Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
  • Provides proactive protection from unknown threats
  • Scans Java and Visual Basic scripts
Preventive Protection
  • Scans operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities
  • Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
  • Disables links to malware sites
  • Detects viruses based on the packers used to compress code
  • Global threat monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)
Advanced Protection & Recovery
  • The program can be installed on infected computers
  • Self-protection from being disabled or stopped
  • Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software
  • Tools for creating a rescue disk
Data & Identity Theft Protection
  • Disables links to fake (phishing) websites
  • Blocks all types of keyloggers
  • Automatic configuration during installation
  • Wizards for common tasks
  • Visual reports with charts and diagrams
  • Alerts provide all the information necessary for informed user decisions
  • Automatic or interactive mode
  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Automatic database updates
Here I will give keysnya files, so you will be Kaspersky Full Version.
Install Instructions:

Once you have downloaded. Then Install kav8.0.0.454en.exe file. Previously do not forget to uninstall your old antivirus. After the process finished installing KAV will be asked for the registration process. Select to: activate using the key file (which you have downloaded from this site too.

Once finished, restart. And do not forget to update online soon. To which do not have internet connection at home, on my next post I will give File Update Offline for download

To download the program Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 and key files, click on the download link below:

Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009
File Setup Kaspersky 2009

Key Files KAV 2009
Key File Kaspersky for licensed

Thanks to for link
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Football Manager 2010 Patch 10.1.0 Update - Free Full Version

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Football Manager 10 patch 10.1.0 weight 70MB only. So this is not a big update for the game. Also many belive that this patch doesn't updates the databases. So isn't it little cumbersome for such a patch. Anyway you can donload Football Manager 2010 patch 10.1.0 from here.

Just download the patch, instal it and see yourself what Football Manager 10 patch 10.1.0 can do.

link download from :
Source Ocim Blog
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Download New Moon Full 2009

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anti Virus AVG 9 Download Free

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Download AVG Free
Those who use Anti Virus AVG could be very glad because AVG now has released AVG version 9.0. Not only the premium AVG 9, but also the AVG 9 Free edition has been released or you can download it for free.

At AVG 9.0, there must be some features added to make it more powerful. For fans of Anti Virus AVG, AVG 9.0 free seems reasonable for you to test the reliability in the fight against various viruses.

AVG 9.0 is compatible for the latest three window operating systems , Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. To download AVG 9, please download directly from its website: Download AVG 9
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Released Opera 10.01Browser

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Download opera
opera 10.1Firefox has updated their browser application, opera also did the same on October 28 to their reliable browser. Opera has released the Opera 10.01. To be informed that they have patched on three important security holes to the Opera Version 10.
If you have not felt the reliability of opera, won’t you try it on?
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Warcraft III - Reign Of Chaos

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Smadav Antivirus 7.3 (2009) Downlaod

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Smadav Antivirus 7.3 (2009) DownlaodFrom Smadav home page Or Mirror From 4Shared
Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster)

Smad-Turbo is one of the fastest antivirus scanning feature in the world that belongs only SmadAV Pro. If the Free SmadAV takes you 20 minutes to scan the entire contents of computer files, using this feature you only need to take approximately 1-2 minutes to scan the entire contents of the file on your computer. So,Scanning SmadAV Pro 10x faster than SmadAV Free to use these Smad-Turbo.

Smad-Theme (Changing color themes)

SmadAV Pro has the ability to change the color theme originally SmadAV green became the color of your choice. On the theme color settings you can find your own color choices for the theme SmadAV. After you change the theme color,the color of all SmadAV display will automatically turn into the color of your choice.

Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan)

After the flash plug-in computer disks, SmadAV will immediately bring the scan results in the form of notification if your flash is infected with a virus or not, the process is very fast only about 1-5 seconds so you do not need a long wait for the results of scanning the new flash plug.

Repair SmadAV view

Display SmadAV long been considered a user who is still too large and not suitable for some users in Mini Laptop / Netbook. In Rev. This time the display 7 SmadAV been smaller and SmadAV can adjust the size to be used in mini Netbook.

Comparison SmadAV Free & Pro

At the donation tab now has added the comparison table SmadAV Free & Pro. You can click on the lines of this table to see the advantages compared SmadAV SmadAV Pro Free.

Completion SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.1

* Addition of new virus database
* AutoUpdate for SmadAV Pro on Vista & Win7
* Bug fix Scan with SmadAV
* Loading Quarantine faster
* Send statistics to the server SmadAV
* Bug in clearing the virus fusion

Completion SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.2

* Added features in Exception 1-Virus Tools By-User
* Added many new virus database
* Improved connection with the server program SmadAV
* Improved protection registration key anti-piracy

Completion SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.3

* Clean thoroughly for several new viruses
* Adding intelligence (heuristic) virus detection SmadAV
* Improved update method SmadAV
* Replacement of the primary server
* Improvement of detection in some programs
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Download 2012 Full Indowebster

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is IT (Michael Jackson)

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[FORMAT]:………………… Matroska
[GENRE]:…………………… Documentary | Music
[FILE SIZE]:………………. 350 MiB
[NO OF CDs]:……………… 1
[RESOLUTION]:…………. 704 x 336 ( fixed AR source had -702*448 )
[ASPECT RATIO]:……….. 2:2:1
[FRAME RATE]:……………23.976 fps
[LANGUAGE ]:……………..English
[SUBTITLES]:………………hardcoded russian ( in the source)
[RELEASE RUNTIME]:….01:38:11
[SOURCE]:…………………....CAM – PRiSM

Link Download




pass : ultrascorp
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Game Zuma Revenge Download

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Preview Game Zuma Revenge

Downlaod Game Zuma Revenge

Screen Shot Game
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terowongan Rumah Sakit (2009)

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They had ignored Dinar story about a young woman's mysterious appearance at the Tunnel's Hospital. But now, Dinar, Ben and Akila started thinking about what really happened? And who the ghost girl? Why do ghosts always held Dinar when night falls? Is there is any connection with the parents who send Dinar Dinar to the hospital but was reluctant to visit? Will silence nan Hospital Tunnel concentrated able to answer all the horrors Dinar?
Download Here
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3GP Player | Portable

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Download 3GP Player Portable
File type: Program
Size: 10.454 KB
Uploaded: 2008-05-03
This software to play movie files berextensi 3GP
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

This version of USBUtil 2.0 Full English (2009)

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This version of USBUtil 2.0 Full up-to-date DNAS/IOPRP
comes with the package to v2.1

Have a good time.

The author ISEKO P.del Río, CUBA 2009
Installer Game USB Advance Playstation2
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seven Transformation Pack

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Seven Transformation Pack
Bring to your desktop the look of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system
download free
Seven Transformation Pack will convert your XP based system to look like Windows 7 and some of its features emulated. You don't have to purchase Windows 7 or any 3rd-party applications to get Windows 7 UI experiences. This transformation pack will simply make it done for you for free!
download free
This will update your Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with Windows Seven GUI by adding some themes and replacing system files.
download free
Seven Transformation Pack gives to your system the fresh and cool look of Microsoft's new operating system: Windows 7. The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop.

Download mirror
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SAW Game PC Download (2009)

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SAW Game PC Download (2009)
PC | ISO | English | Konami | Release Date: October 31, 2009 | 3.1 GB
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
download free 4 all
New, scary to shiver shooter "Saw" is based on the famous series of Hollywood blockbusters. The action will unfold between the first and second parts of the movie. The protagonist of the game Detective Trapp eventually became disillusioned with life. Investigation of bloody crimes maniac nicknamed designer deadlocked. The death of a partner worsened the matter. But what if mortally weary police have a chance to fix it? Gloomy basement abandoned mental hospital. Bars on the windows. Locked doors. And dozens of criminals, your thirst for blood. But addicts and murderers - not the most significant threat. After Constructor prepared cruel traps for anyone who fell into his hands. What awaits you there in the dark? And why is yours is a real game? Questions aside. The main thing - to survive. The game begins with the death!
Installation instructions:
1) Mount image
2) Set the game
3) Copy the contents of the folder CRACK on the mounted image in a folder with a game (substitute)
4) Play!

Minimum system requirements:
• OS: Windows XP w / Service Pack 3/Windows Vista
• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.0 + Ghz processor
• Memory: 1 GB
• Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6600 +, ATI X1300 +
• Hard Drive: 12 GB of free space
• Sound: DirectX Compatibledownload free 4 all
• Controller Support: Yes
SAW Game PC Download (2009)download free 4 all
Recommended system requirements:
• OS: Windows XP w / Service Pack 3/Windows Vista
• Processor: Any Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2
• Memory: 2 GB
• Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7600, ATI X1900
• Hard Drive: 12 GB of free space
• Sound: DirectX Compatible
• Controller Support: Yes

Download from Hotfile:

from Filefactory:
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100 Portable Programs 2009

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Portable software - under this category are those programs that run without installation. The program simply removed from the archive and is ready for launch. Such programs are easy to write on the stick, as once configured, they are on any other computer will use its settings, and never leave any traces. This archive of about 100 portable programs, a list of which is attached below.

Major programs presented in the archive
7-Zip 4.42 Portable
ABBYY Screenshot Reader 8.0.706 Portable
ACDSee Pro 2 v2.0.219
Ad-Aware 2007 Pro Portable
Ad-Aware SE Pro Portable - Portable
Ad-aware-se 1.06 Portable
Alcohol 120 Multilang Portable
AnyReader 2.3.163 Portable
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007 7.10 Portable
Auslogics Disk Defrag
AutoCAD 14gtw
BSPlayerProv2 21 950
Cartoon Maker-399
CCleaner 1.40.520
CD Roller 7.0
CDCheck Corporate.Licens Portable
CDRWin 4.0E-unicode Portable
CloneDVD 2 Portable
Coffe Cup Gif Animator 7.5 Portable
CuteFTP Portable
Download Master
Driver Magician 3.16 Portable
DriverGenius 7.1.622 MultiLang Portable
DrWeb 4 44
Dvd Fab Decrypter Portable
Dvd Region css 5.9 Portable
Easy Boot full
Easy CD-DA Extractor
EasyCleaner 2.0 Portable
eMule 48a
EVEREST Ultimate Portable
eXPert PDF Editor Pro 1.3 en.p
Final Recovery 2.1 Portable
Flash Boot Portable
Flash Player Pro 3.51
FlashFXP U3 Multiling Portable
FlashGet 1.82.1002
Font Expert 2007 Portable
Foxit PageOrganizer-Portable
Foxit PDF Text Viewer-Portable
Foxit Reader 2.0.1606 Portable
GoldWave 5.18 Portable
GOM Player v2.1.6.3499
Google.Earth.Pro 4.1.7087
HyperSnap DX 6.21.02
ICQ Portable
jv16 PowerTools 2007
Kaspersky Antivirus
Kaspersky Internet Security Portable
KeePass 1.07 Portable
KMPlayer Portable
LimeWire Pro 4.14.6 Portable
Magic ISO Maker 5.4.0245
MetaProducts 1.5 Portable
Mobile Ringtone Converter Portable
Mozilla Thunderbird
My Desktop Gadgets Version 2 Portable
MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9. Portable
NOD32 2.70.39 Portable
Norton Ghost Portable
Norton Partition Magic Portable 8.05
Opera USB 9.23.8808.Multi Portable
Optical New Edge Storage 2.1.358 Portable
PartitionMagic 8.05.
PDF Converter Portable
PDF Password Remover 3.0
Perfect Icon ver.2.10
PhotoFiltre Studio Portable
Powerdvd 7 Portable
ProShow Gold 3.0.1891 Portable
Proxy Finder Enterprise 1.95 Portable
Proxy Switcher Pro 3.7.3647 Portable
QDictionary 1.6 Portable
ReGet Deluxe Portable
Registry Clean Portable
Registry Mechanic
RegOrganizer 4.0 Rus
RegSnap Pro 5.8.1920
RegSupreme Pro Portable
Restorator 2007 3.70.1729
RoboForm2Go 6.9.2
R-Studio 4.0 Portable
R-Studio 4.0.124049 Portable
SBMAV Disk Cleaner
ShellToys XP 6.1.0.en Portable
SnagIt Portable
Stamp 0.85 Kassy 0.71 Pro
Super Screen Capture 5.55.en Portable
TechSmith Camtasia Studio4 Portable
Teleport Ultra Portable
The Bat Pro 3.99.3 Portable
Total Commander Portable
Total Video Converter Portable
Total Video Converter 3.10.en.p
TuneUp Utilities 2007 6.0.2311
TuneUp Utilities 6.0.1255 Portable
Ultimate Defrag 1.61
Ultimate Defragment 1.34 Portable
UnErase 4.1 Portable
VirtualDub MPEG2 Portable original
VisualRoute 2007 v11.0.3312
Vopt 8.06 Portable
VueScan Pro 8.4.35 Portable - Portable
Web Page Maker 2.5 Portable
WhereIsIt 3.84.715
Winamp 5.35.full Portable
Winamp 5.5 Build 1640 - Winamp 5.5 Build 1640
WinAVI 8.0 Portable
WinCHM Portable
Window Washer Portable
WinRAR Portable
XnView Portable
Your Uninstaller 2006 Professional
Youtube Spider 2.0 Portable
Zoom Player Professional
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Raise Your Voice 2004

Posted by prafangga permana
free download
Raise Your Voice is a coming-of-age story centered around a small-town singer, brokenhearted by the death of her brother in a car crash,who had secretly submitted her for a summer free downloadsession at a performing arts academy in Los Angeles. In the performing arts academy, she experiences a whole new way of life in the big city, far from the small town lifestyle she’s used to. The film will revolve around her efforts to confront her lack of formal classic training and deal with a romantic entanglement.
free downloadDownload Free Movie
Subtitle En
READ MORE - Raise Your Voice 2004

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009)

Posted by prafangga permana
READ MORE - Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009)

Drifting Flowers (2008)

Posted by prafangga permana
Drifting Flowers (2008)free download
Three women in three different periods navigate the waters of sexual identity in Zero Chou’s ([[Spider Lillies) sensitive portrait of the search for self and love. Three loosely connected episodes illuminate the flux of life: Young Meigo struggles to understand her feelings of jealousy when her older sister begins a romantic relationship; free downloadAlzheimer’s sufferer Lily lives her life between moments of lucidity and remembrances of her dead lover with the help of an old friend; and teenager Chalkie tries to reconcile her awakening sexuality with her body.

Downloads :

English Substitle :
READ MORE - Drifting Flowers (2008)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Posted by prafangga permana

Download PitchPerfect is a highly accurate professional guitar tuner with a very simple to use interface. PitchPerfect eliminates the need to tune an instrument to some kind of conventional tuning. Instead, PitchPerfect can automatically detect whatever note you are playing. This means you are not constrained by standard tunings, or even well known alternative tunings. You can simply tune your strings quickly and easily to any note you want! Features: ~ Tune to absolutely any note you want. ~ None of the constraints of conventional tuning patterns. ~ Highly accurate pitch detection. ~ Simple and intuitive interface. ~ Tune your guitar through any available sound input device including Microphone or Line In. ~ Excellent tool for checking fret board intonation.

License: Freeware | Price: $0.00 | Size: 1.7 MB | Downloads (2859)

Platform: Windows 98 , ME,NT 4.x,XP,2000,2003
Term: Guitar Tuner - Tune A Guitar - Guitar Tuning - Instrument Tuning - Correct Pitch - Music Software - Music Utilities - Guitar Tuning - Tuning A Guitar - Guitar Music - Guitar Guru Music - Christian Guitar Music - Free Guitar Music - Guitar Sheet Music - Sheet Music Free Guitar - Free Guitar Sheet Music - Christian Music Guitar Tabs

PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner Copyright notice:
Pirated Software Hurts Software Developers. Using PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner Free Download crack, warez, password, serial numbers, torrent, keygen, registration codes, key generators is illegal and your business could subject you to lawsuits and leave your operating systems without patches. We do not host any torrent files or links of PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner from,, etc. All download links are direct full download from publisher sites or their selected mirrors. Avoid: oem software, old version, warez, serial, torrent, keygen, crack of PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner. Consider: PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner full version, full download, premium download, licensed copy.
READ MORE - PitchPerfect

ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010

Posted by prafangga permana
ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010
ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is the most recent virus protection developed on the basis of a popular technology that allows autonomously detect and more viruses, spyware and other threats from your USB-Flash than any other program. The main feature of ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is the fact that there is no need to launch Antivirus with a USB drive and install antivirus on computer, because a strong defense will automatically block all processes are copied to your disk unknown and suspicious objects introduced into autostart with a USB storage device. This is not blocking your copying files. Existing artificial intelligence can identify up to 91% of the viruses without updating. This new protection level detects and removes both known and unknown threats missed by your Anti-Virus to give maximum protection against any USB threat attack. It also removes pre-existing installed viruses from your system. ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is designed to work without regular updates, hence it protects both Online and Offline computers of Home and Business effectively. Now recall advantages using ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010: 1) Is not need to install on another computer. 2) Use a new solution to detect viruses without base 3) The best solution to protect the USB-disc 4) Immediate detection of threats 5) No need to run antivirus

License: Shareware | Price: $29.99 | Size: 48.4 MB | Downloads (782)

Platform: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 , Windows Vista
Term: Protection - Tools - Antivirus - System - Ernt - Fozisoft - Flash - Usb - Disc - Antivirus Tools - Disc Def. Tools - Flash Disc - Protection Asp - Wmv Protection - Net Protection - Wma Protection - Vcd Protection - Children Protection - Page Protection

ERNT Flash Antivirus Copyright notice:
Pirated Software Hurts Software Developers. Using ERNT Flash Antivirus Free Download crack, warez, password, serial numbers, torrent, keygen, registration codes, key generators is illegal and your business could subject you to lawsuits and leave your operating systems without patches. We do not host any torrent files or links of ERNT Flash Antivirus from,, etc. All download links are direct full download from publisher sites or their selected mirrors. Avoid: oem software, old version, warez, serial, torrent, keygen, crack of ERNT Flash Antivirus. Consider: ERNT Flash Antivirus full version, full download, premium download, licensed copy.
Source :
Download :
READ MORE - ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010

Tune UP 2010 Free

Posted by prafangga permana
Customize and Analysis (Customize and Analyze):
Includes a startup manager (TuneUp StartUp Manager), tweaker Interface Windows (TuneUp WinStyler), "" System Information "" (TuneUp System Information) and "General system settings" "(TuneUp SystemControl). Distinctive feature of the manager of a startup is that in its settings can be set individually for each user a list of programs. Section "System Information" "contains detailed information about the installed hardware, as well as the volume occupied by the memory, the version of Windows, etc.

Cleaning and Repair (Clean and Repair):

In this section you can find two utilities - to clean your computer from temporary files (DiskCleaner), and the utility to identify problems in the system registry (RegistryCleaner). These tools are fine-tuning the system is very easy to handle and represent two of the wizard with step by step instructions.

Optimization and tuning (Optimize and Improve):
This group includes the defragmenter registry (RegistryDefrag), a utility for working with RAM (MemOptimizer) and a large number of system settings (System Optimizer), to maximize the efficiency of Windows. Determine the best way to help the system configuration special module System Advisor, which will produce an analysis of the computer and provide information on what is necessary to make changes to the user to increase system performance.

Administration and Management (Administer and Control):

Here you can find the full Registry Editor Registry Editor, with which you can search and edit records, process manager (Process Manager) and a utility to properly remove the installed applications (Uninstall Manager).

Restore and delete files (File recovery and Destruction):
The latter category includes configuration tools for working with files - a utility to recover information (Undelete) and a tool for removing sensitive data without the possibility of data recovery (Shredder). Among the additional features of the program can provide automatic updates and the ability to restore the system to a previously created backup system (RescueCenter).
Download Tune UP 2010 and Key
READ MORE - Tune UP 2010 Free

Tune UP 2009 | Download Free

Posted by prafangga permana
The program will also provide more choices to us. Besides can make Windows a more attractive, BY USING theme. Download Tune UP 2009. TuneUp Utilities to clean up useless data from your hard disk and also Deleting entries from the registry useless. Not only that, TuneUp Utilities able to defragment your hard disk and registry and system settings Optimizing us to make Windows Walk faster. Most of this maintenance can be performed automatically every week by TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance.
READ MORE - Tune UP 2009 | Download Free

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yahoo Messenger | Beta 10

Posted by prafangga permana
More Features
  1. Instant message with one friend, or conference in a bunch
  2. All-new Insider with Yahoo! Mail, news, weather, search and more
  3. Easily find or invite friends from other services to come chat with you
  4. Send text messages (SMS) to friends' mobile phones for free*
  5. Make free PC-to-PC calls and PC-to-phone calls for as low as 1¢ a minute (plus free voicemail!)
  6. Use the built-in media player to watch web videos and view photos with friends
  7. Show your style with emoticons, Avatars, audibles and IMVironments
Yahoo Messenger Beta 10
READ MORE - Yahoo Messenger | Beta 10

Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.20 Final

Posted by prafangga permana

Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is a major update that improves almost every aspect of the program, adding many new features and capabilities in every part of the program. It also introduces a new Movie Editor for editing and combining your videos before burning them to DVD. The Movie Editor has functions for cutting, transitions, fades, subtitles, titles and more, plus a point-and-click DVD menu editor with animated themes for creating great-looking interfaces for your DVD movies. The new version also packed with improvements, new features and fine tuning that make all Burning Studio’s functions more powerful and even easier to use.

Anyone who has ever struggled with complicated disc burning software is always amazed when they try Ashampoo Burning Studio. This is how software should be: Instead of studying complicated manuals you just choose what you want to do and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. For example, to make a DVD you select Create a Video DVD and the program guides you through the steps of adding clips, building menus and burning the disc. This doesn’t mean the program has been “dumbed down”: Burning Studio is a complete and powerful disc burning suite that also satisfies advanced users with all the tweaking features you expect from less accessible programs.


• Burn and update data to CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs
• Back up your data to single or multiple discs
• Rip music from CDs and burn music to audio CDs and MP3 or WMA discs
• Burn movies and photos to DVDs and data discs
• Movie editor with DVD authoring
• Create high-quality DVD slideshows
• Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs
• Create and burn disc images
• Quick and easy erase rewriteable discs
• Expert burn functions for full control
• Create covers and labels
READ MORE - Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.20 Final

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Download Firefox 3.5.4 Release

Posted by prafangga permana
READ MORE - Download Firefox 3.5.4 Release

Mozilla Firefox 3 3.0.15 Release

Posted by prafangga permana
READ MORE - Mozilla Firefox 3 3.0.15 Release

Monday, October 26, 2009

Backtrack Downloads Copilation Version Full

Posted by prafangga permana
Backtrack Downloads Copilation Version Full

BackTrack 1.0 Final
MD5: f52319e4d414fa7bd554d8a1e175f1f5

BackTrack Downloads (old)

We provide BackTrack to the community using various mirrors all over the world. We would like to thank to the different companies / persons for the help in redistributing.

BackTrack 2 Stable release Mar 06 2007

Description: BackTrack 2
Size: ~ 700 MB
MD5: 990940d975f13d8418b0daa175560ae0
Download: Click here

BackTrack 3 Beta - 14-12-2007

Description: CD Image
Size: ~ 700 MB
MD5: 04ed8742fc8facd1ecc8c9f6f567c116
SHA: 70c33e0aa75a978b8a87a207bf488ecec8d10a87
Download: Click here

Description: USB Version (Extended)
Size: ~ 946 MB
MD5: bd0d8f507502787184b187f5a39288df
SHA: 853b80a77e3881e8084c797ba55077ead15f84ae
Download: Click here

BackTrack 3

Description: CD Image
Name:: bt3-final.iso
Size: 695 MB
MD5: f79cbfbcd25147df32f5f6dfa287c2d9
SHA1: 471f0e41931366517ea8bffe910fb09a815e42c7
Download: Click here

Description: USB Version (Extended)
Name:: bt3final_usb.iso
Size: 784 MB
MD5: 5d27c768e9c2fef61bbc208c78dadf22
SHA1: 3aceedea0e8e70fff2e7f7a7f3039704014e980f
Download: Click here

Description: VMware Image
Name: BACKTRACK3_VMWare.rar
Size: 689 MB
MD5: 94212d3c24cf439644f158d90094ed6a
SHA1: 21c9a3f9658133efff259adbe290723583b4fd82
Download: Click here

BackTrack 4 beta release

NOTE: Due to massive downloads and missing bandwidth, some servers might be unreachable and you need to hit either reload or click again on the download link.

Description: DVD Image
Name:: bt4-beta.iso
Size: 854 MB
MD5: 7d1eb7f4748759e9735fee1b8a17c1d8
Download: Click here

Disklabel: bt4-label.png

Description: VMware Image
Name: bt4-beta-vm-6.5.1.rar
Size: 1 GB
MD5: 38acdcbaf6c73d7c55180dfea8641e5d
Download: Click here

BackTrack 4 Pre Release

NOTE: Due to massive downloads and missing bandwidth, some servers might be unreachable and you need to hit either reload or click again on the download link.

Description: DVD Image
Name:: bt4-pre-final.iso
Size: 1390 MB
MD5: b0485da6194d75b30cda282ceb629654
Download: Click here

Disklabel: bt4-label.png

Source :
READ MORE - Backtrack Downloads Copilation Version Full

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtLes The Game

Posted by prafangga permana
READ MORE - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtLes The Game

TubeHunter Ultra 4.0.1438 + Keygen

Posted by prafangga permana
Download TubeHunter Ultra Keygen
Tube Hunter Ultra downloads
video and music from 667 YouTube and Xtube-like websites

TubeHunter Ultra 4.0.1438 + KeygenTubeHunter Ultra 4.0.1438 + Keygen

saves them on your computer or directly to your iPOD / PSP / Zune / Cell Phone. All downloaded videos(FLV) can be converted by TubeHunter Ultra directly to other popular video formats including AVI, MPEG4, DivX, XviD, iPOD Video, iPhone format, MPEG, WMV, RM, MOV, Sony PSP, Zune Video, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, M4A, MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG, AAC and AC3. TubeHunter Ultra does not have any spyware or adware.
TubeHunter Media Center V2.3 is a perfectly ALL-IN-ONE media toolkit including:

1. Batch convert existing FLV to AVI, MPEG, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, WMV, MP4, MP3, 3G2 and RM
2. Batch convert AVI, MPEG, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, WMV, MP4, MP3, 3G2 and DVD to FLV
3. Batch convert any video file to iPOD / PSP / Mobile / Zune
4. Batch convert any video file between all popular video formats (e.g. WMV to MPEG; AVI to MP4; RMVB to MPEG; anything to anything …)
5. Batch convert your favorite DVD movie to all most popular video/audio formats, or to iPOD / PSP / Mobile / Zune
6. Batch convert videos from LimeWire/ BearFlix/ BearShare/ iMesh to iPOD/ PSP/ Mobile/ Zune or to other video formats
7. Batch extract audio from a video file (FLV to MP3; MPEG to MP3; AVI to MP3 …)

READ MORE - TubeHunter Ultra 4.0.1438 + Keygen
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