Saturday, July 3, 2010

DJ Party Mixer for Windows Mobile

DJ Party Mixer for Windows Mobile. DJ Party Mixer is a music mixing tool for Windows Mobile phones. You can compile and edit playlists, mix mp3s in real time, both fully automatic, and manually. It allows you to play with your music collection, throw a dance party or just use it for fun. Enjoy this on Windows Mobile! (Apple does not allow this program on their iPhone app store).

image DJ Mixer is a fun tool for music lovers. You can set cue points of mp3 tracks, sort playlists, count the beats per minute and much more. It’s like a virtual DJ mixing console, in the palm of your hand.

Make smooth transitions from one music track to the other by setting the start-
and end-points of every mp3 file on your phone. Create automatic playlists and watch the faders mix your tunes in real time. Or mix manually at a any given moment.

Professional features such as loops are fully supported. Also included are 40 sound effects, like explosions, horns, station calls, jingles, and so on. The music can be played over the phone’s speakers, via headphones or to an amplifier with a lead-out cable. The integrated beat-counter lets you determine the speed of songs in beats-per-minute for optimal synchronization. There are two modes for the faders:

  • Cross-fading. The two faders are linked together. When you slide one fader
    up, the other one goes down and vice-versa.
  • Free-fading. The two faders can be moved independently.

The software is only $12.99 / 9.95 EUR and a free trial is available HERE!

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