Thursday, August 6, 2009

Download Lari Dari Blora (Tribute WS Rendra)
Lari dari Blora (Harmony Without the Law)

This film recounts the life of the community Samin.
American girl comes to Pati - Blora (Central Java) aims to examine the lifestyle culture Samin. Samin citizen does not know the law, uphold the freedom of community life. there is no government intervention. living side by side, full of peace. very familiar with the nature. does not believe in evil. very open with the customary nature

Release Date : 2007

Director : Akhlis Suryapati

Writer : Akhlis Suryapati

Cast : WS Rendra, Ardina Rasti, Annika Kuyper, Tina Astarim Soultan Saladin, Iswar Kelana

Studio : Ibar Pictures

Runtime :

Website :

Download Lari Dari Blora (Tribute WS Rendra)

Rest in Peace Rendra , GBU
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