Thursday, August 20, 2009

Darah Janda Kalong Wewe (Trio Macan)

Gono (Mario Pratama), the youth look bad to less serrate tonggos know themselves. Regardless of deterioration face it infatuate padaTrio Macan become the idol world Dangdut. Once terobsesinya Gono denganTrio Macan that, He did all kinds of ways. As a result he dihajar the bouncer children fruit OMA Susi (Yurike Prastica), bos Trio Macan

In the small tiger Trio have experience eerie, ever be stolen and hidden by Kolongwewe ghost ...
Gono is no despair, driven friend, Coki (Shiddiq us), ask for help shaman magic Ki Riman Banyu. And he inherited the strap drawstring Kolongwewe, fetish victress, including Trio Macan. Inheritance is not only that, Gono also face a stout-looking change, however turbulence kecerobohannya, Gono fall to the bottom of the clothes horse in the women. Thus this violates the prohibition on melibatkannya a big problem, he gets drawn out of terror Kolongwewe! Seseram whether Kolongwewe ghost? How do I Gono to face?
Type of Movie: Horror
Production: Production K2k
Duration: 90
Players: Mario Pratama, Shiddiq us, Trio Macan (Nurlela & Friends). Yurike Prastica
Director: Mamahit Luigi Donie
Author: Sad Purnadi & M. Romalis Radea
Download Here
Subtitle English, language Indonesia
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