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Sandra Dewi Bugil Virus

Sandra Dewi Bugil Virus - Who is not interested if there is a sloping shipment information concerning the artist ngetop. Moreover, added frill "bugil". Approximately what do you do if the USB flash friend have a file with the name of Sandra Dewi Bugil?
Do not occasionally try to view it as a computer virus is a profiteer Sandra Dewi name only. Immediately delete it if antivirus Abnda already detection. Fyuh, that is not the gullible world of Paradise. This virus spreads using removable media / usb as sandra dewi bugil home virus.
Norman Security Suite detects virus variants Sandra Dewi with this name W32/Obfuscated.B! Genr. Script from a virus is created, the creator of the virus also carry and display the name STMIK PPKIA, one of the computers on the campus of East Kalimantan.

The characteristics of this virus from the file, including:

Has a file size of "132 kb"
Have a file type "Application".
extension file "exe".
Icon has a picture (JPEG image).

Sandra Dewi virus created using the programming language visual basic. If successful infected virus, then it will create some files in the virus include:

C: Sandra Dewi-Bugil.exe (all on the root drive)
C: Documents and Settings% user%--Start Menu-Programs-Startup-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
C:-WINDOWS-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
C:-WINDOWS-system32-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
Creating duplicate files of virus in each folder in the removable media / usb.

The virus Sandra Dewi Bugil also displays a message before the login (picture 1).

"It is sick when it's rejected by our love for someone, at the time of the first facilities to use as traditional media to get the love. Along with the development of information technology, the use of media to get love is VIRUS"

Block the function of Windows

In general, the virus does not damage the system but with the. The virus will try to make some effort to block the function of Windows. Some functions in Windows that block, among the following:

Folder Options (done to prevent access to the file / folder that is hidden)
Registry Editor (done to prevent access to registry repair)
Search / Find (done to prevent the virus from cleaning)
Command Prompt (done to prevent the process from the kill virus)
Task Manager (done to prevent the process of monitoring the virus)
Control Panel (done to prevent the access control of the computer OS)
Msconfig / System Configuration Utility (done to prevent access at startup)

In addition, the virus also tries to do business on the block some functions of Windows, among others:

Disable right click on the desktop.
Disable "All Programs" in the Start Menu.
Disable the Log Off / Turn Off on the Start Menu.

With this business, the virus tries to be difficulties in the computer users to run certain programs, and even difficult to restart, log-off or shutdown the computer.

In the System Properties, the virus will change into RegisteredOwner Dewi Bugil Sandra and RegisteredOrganization become. (Picture 2)

The virus will change the header Internet Explorer (IE) when the application will run Internet Explorer, with the additional:: Joint:: BUDI:: Darma::. (Picture 3)

To ensure that files can be run well at the time the computer is started, insert the virus file virus on the windows startup so that will be activated immediately if we are already entering windows. File a virus that is active at startup C: Documents and Settings% user%--Start Menu-Programs-Startup-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe

File viruses are active Splash program is run, this program can not be on the slide or in close except on the Exit button. If you click on the Exit button, it will pop-up "confirmation email budi_9 *** @"

Whatever you click on either Yes or No button will make the computer shutdown automatically with our System Shutdown window in time 1 minute. To block the function of Windows to do, "Command Prompt" Windows, and login message, the virus will create some registry string.Be Carefull!

Sources : Vaksincom |
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