Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cintaku Selamanya a.k.a ML (2008)

Jenis Film : Drama/comedy
Produser : Shankar Rs
Produksi : Indika Entertainment

Pemain : Ratu Felisha, Mike Muliadro, Olga Syahputra, Dr. Boyke, Nadila Ernesta, Hesti Purwadinata
Sutradara : Thomas Nawilis
Penulis : Awi Suryadi

Wisnu, student-looking plain and unadorned, is the task of completing the end of a documentary film about the free association among adolescents. Mario and Askar, crony Vishnu, a love story with a boyfriend-girlfriend couples as husband and wife
Wisnu is actually very jengah behavior with Mario and Askar who embrace life with a boyfriend-free girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mario is very concerned with the attitude of Vishnu with a cold woman. Submitted by the wager that Mario is in one month, Wisnu and girlfriend should be able to make. With full consideration, Wisnu accept that challenge with Mario does not make terms with Manda for a month also

And unexpectedly, when Wisnu are helping Mario to shop, he met the beautiful and sexy women, Lala. New this time Wisnu feel different resonance in the heart. Their relationship was closer and more familiar and in fact is the younger brother Mario Lala

end do? Askar braided friendship with Wisnu when Wisnu found forge sorrowful longing flirt with Lala, the beloved sister? When Wisnu gray sheet, Mario and Askar back digurat color? Meet curious sense of the story above in Cintaku Selamanya

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