Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smadav 2010 Rev 8.1
Addition of new virus database 100
Virus (or more precisely Malware) that a lot of spread in Indonesia today are mostly foreign-made virus in nature is similar to the local virus. These viruses to become the targets of this latest version SmadAV. Own local virus is currently spreading began to decline and very rarely found. This we conclude from virus samples uploaded by the Smadaver.

SmadAV Virus Scanner Engine (SmadEngine.dll)
SmadAV old engine that has been used since 2006 is not used since 2010 SmadAV Rev. Is 8.1. Re reform Virus Scanner Engine that makes SmadAV release delayed over a month. This new engine completely rewritten from scratch using the programming language C + + with a complete engine that was previously written with Visual Basic. Most virus detection techniques in this new engine has been revamped and improved for the better. Memory usage on the new engine is more stable and efficient than the old engine, as well as the scanning speed is also faster.

Compatible on Windows Vista & 7
In Rev. 8-rev and previous rev SmadAV is still not 100% compatible on Windows Vista and Windows 7. But the Rev. This 8.1 SmadAV both scanner and his protector has supported and 100% compatible for use in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The following is a complete list of improvements SmadAV Rev. 2010. 8.1:

* Engine new scanner (SmadEngine.dll) to detect the virus more quickly and accurately.
* External Database (Smadav.loov) to make it easier to update the database for the next revision.
* Plug-in explorer right click on the latest (SmadExtc.dll) the better.
* Compatible in Windows Vista & 7.
* Detection of several viruses that many international spread in Indonesia (Sality & Alman) was more rapid and accurate.
* Adding a database of more than 100 new viruses and their variants
* Improved false alarm on some files.
* Completion of key blacklist illegal methods SmadAV Pro
* Changes SmadAV team structure for 2010
* Added uninstall menu in the Tray Icon for easy uninstall
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