Saturday, January 30, 2010

In The Name Of Love

In The Name Of Love
Satrio Hidayat (Cok Simbara) very loving image (Christine Hakim), but for reasons not yet reached maturity. The image was married with Triawan Negara (Roy Marten). Both Satrio and Triawan, success in their respective fields, the hatred between them was carried, until at one point they show enmity with each other down in public. Since then hatred becomes immortal and descended to their children.
Satrio who later married to Kartika (Tutie Kirana) was blessed with three sons, Aryan (Lukman Sardi), Aditya (Tengku Firmansyah), and Abhimanyu (Vino G Bastian). Meanwhile, Triawan danCitra have children Rianti (Luna Maya), Panji (Yama Carlos), Banyu (Nino Fernandez), Saskia (Acha Septriasa) and Dirga (Panji Rahadi).
Until then Saskia and Abhimanyu fell in love ....
On behalf of love, they fight, in the midst of hostility and their families Marut vulgar. They also survive, with conviction, that love to fight ... something that was never done by their parents ...
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